Season's Greetings

The Neri Foundation and Neri SpA wish everybody a great festive season through the images of the work of American lighting installation artist Matthew Schreiber. Matthew has been chosen for the first of a series of annual publications dedicated to light, art and space.

The Foundation, in its dedication to the study of urban décor, has always looked at architecture and light with interest and passion and Schreiber’s installations are very architectural, reminding of the Italian Renaissance through the recreation of linear perspective and harmonic proportions.

Lasers, holograms, black lights, smoke, are the tools he uses to explore the limits of perception and see the unseen as well as trying to capture moments that rest between the tangible and intangible. For the past decade Matthew Schreiber was the protege of James Turrell, personally overseeing some of the most celebrated works in contemporary art. As an expert in light, Schreiber continues to work with many leading artists and architects such as John Baldessari, Sir Norman Foster, Ed Ruscha and Robert Ryman.