Welcome Milos

Each place tells a story and Milos is an LED device capable of combining the identity and needed of the various spaces it illuminates. With a flow of 2,500 to 10,500 lumen, isolation class II, protection grade IP66, IK09, Milos is the first functional device to discard the market serial logic to become “tailor-made”.

There are 5 customisable parameters that make Milos extremely flexible and capable of completing the places it is required to illuminate:

• Colours and finishes
• Colour temperature from 2,200K to 6,500K
• Driver programming
• Efficacy
• Photometric distribution

The optical system is composed of overlapping PMMA lenses with high-performance, constant light transmission over time. Milos uses the latest-generation LED Cree XP-G3 with high performance luminous efficiency, with a ceramic base that ensures high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation for a longer life time. The large emission surface area and perimeter reflector increase its efficiency whilst keeping dazzle values low. Thanks to the flexibility of its lens composition, customised light distributions can be achieved.