Malls in Orlando

This project regards two shopping centres in Orlando, Florida. The projects are Lakeside, in Winter Park, and Parkside, created by Unicorp National Developments, Inc.

Unicorp’s philosophy revolves around architecture added value, expressed through the creation of quality indoor and outdoor spaces. Car park and gardens are very important for a shopping centre, that can only be reached by car, they have to be attractive and well-designed. At Lakeside, in Winter Park, and Parkside there are fountains and water features.

Cast iron benches from the Scilla series and litter bins from the Layia series have been installed in gardens.

The parking lot, with many palms, has been equipped with cast iron lamp posts from the Sheliak series, with ‘Light 700’ lantern. A place that is generally anonymous and with no importance was designed to become welcoming and beautiful.

The lantern glasses are really unusual, as they depict peacocks and flowers: a further sign of the value that is assigned to this space.

The disabled parking signage were created with signposts from the Layia series.

A clock from the Scilla series completes and refines the car park furniture system. Customers can perceive the added value from the their arrival and it will be confirmed by the products sold in store.