Welcome Light 103

Neri presents Light 103, a new suspended or track lighting product, available in two versions: LED and discharge. The LED version has a large PMMA white reflector that makes it possible to recover the luminous flux reflected from the glass, thereby ensuring high optical efficiency and glare reduction, as well as reaching an efficacy of 123 lm/W with an optical package of 5 geometries. Light 103 mounts the latest generation of Cree XP-G2 LED with a ceramic base to ensure high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation for added durability. The optical system is composed of overlapping PMMA lenses with high performance of constant light transmission over time; the multilayer system optimizes the quality of light even when the system performance changes, as in the case of a malfunction.

The body is entirely in cast aluminium and extra-clear glass, equipped with a black/grey upper frame and a white lower frame.

The small size results in less exposure to wind and thus less fluctuation; thanks to the track feature, Light 103 is an optimal solution for historical city centres and all those places where the installation of street lights would be difficult. Also taking into account contemporary contexts, the new device is designed with an opening system by means of a pivoting hinge with concealed screws and an automatic switch for ease of installation and maintenance.

The spacious interior dimensions allow excellent dissipation by radiation thanks to the new anodized heatsink. The LED module is easily removable because it uses a new quick release system that does not require the use of tools, and the cables just need to be disconnected from the switch. The wiring plate is equipped with a "Through board" connector for supply replacement without having to access the optical assembly. The driver is programmable with NFC technology without the need for power and the device is also designed for remote management.

The discharge version is available with two types of serial cabling, sodium and metal-halide lamps, and it may be installed both on streets as well as cyclist/pedestrian paths. As with the LED version, the product retains the simplicity of maintenance and the large capacity for heat dissipation.