Welcome Refitting kit

The same luminaires, extremely efficient lighting, better performance and savings, longer product life; this is the philosophy behind the Refitting Kit, designed to update existing lanterns and luminaires to new LED technology without the need for expensive replacement operations.

Main features:

  • IP66 grade LED module with programmable, waterproof power supply for refitting historic lanterns and luminaires
  • Optimal heat management through LED module in die-cast aluminium
  • Compatibility with Neri products (9 standard plates)
  • Customisable plates for use with non-Neri products
  • Easy installation
  • Quick supply time
With a flux from 2,500lm to 6,000lm (3000 and 4000K) and an estimated life of 100,000 hours (L80), the Refitting Kit has various degrees of electrical and mechanical protection. Equipped with extra-clear transparent flat glass and an osmotic valve to balance internal and external pressure and humidity, it has standard surge protection for differential/common mode up to 10kV/10kV, both in class I and class II.

The kit is equipped with four standard geometrical optics, and thanks to the white module, which acts as a reflector, allowing the flux reflected by the glass to be recovered, increasing efficiency and decreasing glare and light pollution.

Neri guarantees quick supply times. Nine standard plates (available separately) complete the Refitting Kit set. A service to customise the plates ensures every requirement is met.