Alcor's collection is characterized by a cast iron base decorated with a large leaf that wraps it in a spiral and by a conical column on which swan neck tops are mounted.

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Timeless and familiar design, versatile and robust, low power consumption and reduced glare. Nova M performs outstandingly against the most stringent standards in energy-efficient urban lighting.

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Characterised by contemporary architectural post top design with clean and geometric lines, with its five different distributions and lumen packages up to 9,000 lumens, Lyra optically meets demands of today’s lighting designers, architects and engineers.

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To appreciate the history of Neri North America, it’s helpful to know a bit about the story of Neri, an international company based in Longiano, Italy, and its relationship to our team here in Miami. Neri, a third-generation family-held company, was founded in 1962. At its inception, Neri began producing the world’s finest urban furniture and architectural lighting solutions. Quality above all… from the very beginning! Our products have been installed on 6 of the 7 continents around the world, excepting only Antarctica – but including some of the most known and notable sites/locations historically, thematically, and scenic.

After an enduring presence supporting demanding and discriminating designers and clients across North America for more than 30 years – and nearly 10 years with our own physical presence in the US – we at NERI have long been compliant with relevant UL and CSA standards and have adopted and incorporated many of the imperatives of the International Dark Sky Association.

Now we can offer a range of products that comply with the regulations of Buy American. Our Buy American – compliant products have the below logo on their spec sheets, so you can quickly identify them and incorporate them in your project, and they come with a manufacturer’s certification describing our manufacturing process in the United States. For any additional code compliance needed for a project-specific request, we can work with you to fulfill your needs. For additional details about our various compliance capabilities contact us at or call 786.315.4367

Extended Limited Warranty of 7 years

We’ve committed to providing an extended warranty to our customers, because our materials, quality assurance system, and conservative engineered design have already in the past produced life expectancies measured often in decades, rather than just years.

Therefore, for the products in this program we offer an Extended Limited Warranty of 7 years from the date of shipment for LED components and 5 years for all other workmanship, all subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale


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