A revamped Belvedere and new lighting for San Nicola Arcella

A series of thoroughly curated interventions of urban requalification, including lighting, transforms a little village on the Cedars Riviera.


San Nicola Arcella (CS), Italy




Municipality of San Nicola Arcella

Architectural project

Giampiero Lepreti

Lighting project

Giampiero Lepreti


Antonio Neri

San Nicola Arcella has been transformed by the architectural and lighting requalification project by Italian architect Giampiero Lepreti. The Belvedere, overlooking the sea, has become the signature of the whole design. Our heritage collections Tabit and Maya mounting Light 804 lantern have been chosen to light the terrace and the old city centre, substituting the sodium-vapour and mercury-vapour lamps lanterns.

To light the park and the streets surrounding the centre our collections Heka with Light 21 and Maia with Light Nova have been preferred.

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