Lang is the award winning post top luminaire designed by Light Bureau part of AFRY. Lang is a design tool that allows to play with light, the two independent light sources with their four different geometries, can generate a lumen output between 1,500 and 15,000, whilst the ‘blade’ can be customised to enhance the identity of a place.

Design: Light Bureau part of AFRY

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"Two bracket post-top luminaires usually have an issue: the shadow generated by their own brackets. There is also not much that can be customised or adapted to meet the spirit of a place. Regarding the design of the aesthetic expression of the luminaire, we wanted it to be immediately recognisable as a post top luminaire with the associated characteristics, yet having a unique modern design.”

Light Bureau part of AFRY

The blade: endless possibilities

The blade is a physical divider positioned between the ‘V’ shaped brackets, it is a screen made of aluminium that can be customised through laser cut and works like a filter. This technical and aesthetical device offers the designers yet another field where to intervene and play. The colours and design combinations are endless: a municiPoststy can laser cut their coat of arms, different tints can work as an integrated signage system, a geometric pattern can create entertaining shadows on the floor.

Lang can be ordered with or without the blade and the blade design can be customised.

Lang is characterized by two light sources positioned side by side. For each source light distribution and lumen output could be chosen, allowing designers maximum flexibility and customisation within a single fixture.

Luminaire main features

  • LED optics: multilayer lenses
  • Luminous flux up to 15,000lm
  • Optical package consists of 4 combinable geometries
  • Colour temperature: 3,000K and 4,000K
  • Reflector and transparent, prismatic or opal-white flat glass version for flow recovery and reduced glare
  • Electrical insulation: class II, class I
  • Enclousure protection: IP66, IK08
  • Surge protection: up to 10kV/10kV*
  • Estimated life: 100,000h, L90B10
  • Supplied with cable and connector