The restoration of the majestic lampposts of Piazza della Cattedrale, Enna

Meticulous restoration work has successfully restored four typically Sicilian 19th century cast iron lampposts, illuminating the entrance of Enna Cathedral, to their original splendour.

Enna (EN), Italy


Munucipality of Enna

Antonio Neri and Anna Lurye 

Historical pictures
Fondazione Neri – Museo Italiano della Ghisa

After more than a hundred years, the surfaces of the lampposts had greatly deteriorated. Several stages were needed to restore each element to its original state, revealing once more the beauty of the decorations.

The brackets on the tops were either missing or too damaged, so special models were reconstructed, faithful to the original designs. The opportunity was taken to increase the internal diameter of the brackets, allowing the passage of the electric cables which were originally placed externally.

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