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Neri Products Lighting Projects-Nebula | Forlì

Forlì, Italia

Nebula has been chosen by the Laprimastanza Architecture Studio in Montiano to illuminate the new parking lot on Viale Corridoni in Forlì, near the university campus, reclaiming a previously abandoned area. Furthermore, thanks to an urban regeneration project following the guidelines of the European 'SosforLife' plan, the area has been transformed in a green public space returned to the community.

Neri Products Lighting Projects-Fermo

Fermo (FM), Italia

Fermo, a medieval gem in the Marche Region, unveils its magnificence in Piazza del Popolo. This enchanting urban salon, surrounded by 15th century loggias and dominated by the majestic Palazzo dei Priori, has been masterfully illuminated by Neri. Our Light 803, enriched with custom-made brackets, enhances the historical beauty of the square, creating a unique and evocative atmosphere.

Neri Lighting Projects-Chiclana-Spain

Chiclana de la Frontera, Spagna

In Chiclana de la Frontera, in Spain, a major urban development project has begun that will enhance the city over the coming years. The project applies Nebula lighting fixtures of various heights with Corten-type colouring. The result has been greatly appreciated for the quality of the light and for the design that perfectly matches the urban architecture of the city.

Neri Lighting Projects-Cochin-India

Cochin, India

Cochin is one of the largest seaports in India. The city is undergoing an extensive energy renovation project. For the city's main street, the parallel pedestrian street bordering the sea and Jew Town with its artistic and local shops, different products by Neri Spa were chosen, with the aim of enhancing the different environments by exalting their specificity.

Neri Custom projects – Benevento

Benevento, Italy

Strix is the new lamppost designed by the studio of Cannata & Partners Lighting Design. Strix arose from the legend of the witch of Benevento, from her pointed hat and from her broomstick. These two elements were our principal inspiration: the hat for the hood of the lighting fixture and the broomstick for the base.

Neri Lighting projects-Jesi

Jesi (AN), Italia

Jesi, a small medieval township in the Marche, has been illuminated with Light 803 in the old town centre, with Polaris alongside the walls and with Lyra, replacing the old globes, in the access road to the town. A global programme with solutions differentiated to match the various urban zones.

Dubai Creek Harbour


Dubai Creek Harbour is a grandiose project combining residential, commercial and entertainment zones. A city of the future. The Dubai Harbour Project will include the tallest tower in the world: the Dubai Creek Harbour Tower, designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. Antares has been chosen to illuminate the streets of Dubai Creek Harbour.

India Gate in New Dehli: the great recovery of Raipath.

New Delhi, India

In New Delhi, one of the largest urban projects in India in recent years has just been completed. Bordered by canals, lawns and rows of trees , Rajpath connects India Gate and the National War Memorial and is flanked by important Government offices and Parliament. Neri restored the original English street lamps and reproduced new ones, also reconstructing the lanterns which were equipped with LEDs.

Nebula for Plaza Coral Gables, Miami (USA)

Miami, USA

Plaza Coral Gables is a major project in Miami that will have a strong impact on the quality of life in the community. New spaces will be created for restaurants, recreation and the promotion of artistic activities with a five-star Loews Hotel, residential lofts, apartments and a public square. Nebula has been chosen for the lighting: top quality design for a high profile project.

The brackets of Lima: the fascinating story of their reproduction

Lima, (PE)

Like all South American capitals, Lima has a rich history, similar to that of Europe, of urban lighting created with elements in cast iron. Concern for its history gave rise to the project, recently completed, to reproduce the original large cast iron brackets that had illuminated the old city centre in the past.

Lang for Dubai Internet City, Dubai, (DAE)

Dubai, (DAE)

Dubai Internet City is an IT and commercial park created by the government of Dubai as a strategic base for companies targeting emerging regional markets in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. A series of benefits related to ownership, taxation and customs, have attracted companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Dell, Intel, Huawei, Samsung, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Tata Consultancy, 3M, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Cognizant, Accenture and MicroStrategy. Lang has been chosen to illuminate the great industrial park of Dubai Internet City. A blade mounted within the Lang's "V" support. This is an opportunity offered by Neri during the design phase which enhanced its inclusion in the context of the Dubai Internet City Park.

Lanterna 2D

The Lanterna 2D urban lantern is the result of a collaboration between Neri and lighting designer Bianca Tresoldi. An object that shapes urban space, accompanying you through time.

The new illumination of the avenue of Palazzo Ducale in Reggio Emilia.

Reggio Emilia (RE), Italia

Reggio Emilia rose at the wish of the Roman Consul Marco Emilio Lepido along Via Emilia, the ancient Roman road linking Piacenza and Rimini. It can boast the name “City of the Tricolour”, since the Italian flag was shown for the first time in this city on 7th January 1797.

The illumination of the port and walls of Alghero

Alghero (SS), Italy

A double row of Sheliak lampposts with Light 804 lanterns illuminates the dockside of the port of Alghero. A scenic backdrop is provided by the old walls of the city.

Spectrum Center, Irvine. Illumination that furnishes.

Spectrum Center Irvine, CA (USA)

The Spectrum commercial centre at Irvine, California, was inaugurated at the end of the last century and has been gradually expanding since 2018. Its plan reproduces a small European city. For its illumination, lampposts were used from the Kuma and Tabit collections with Light 500 and Light 600.

Milan (Monumental Cemetery). In the shade of cypresses and behind the tombs ….

Milan, Italy

The Cimitero Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery) of Milan is considered, a great open-air museum. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new underground station, the square in front of the cemetery was renovated. The Tabit lamppost with Light 804 was chosen for the illumination.

Lusail, Doha. A city under construction.

Lusail, Doha (Qatar)

Fifteen km from Doha, capital of Qatar, Lusail is rising, a new city of 35 km² which will host the 2022 World Football Cup. The lighting project has already been realized, with the building sites of the new skyscrapers still open.

Locorotondo. A magical atmosphere.

Locorotondo (BA),Italy

Walking along the narrow streets of the old town, among the perfectly conserved white houses, with coloured flowers on their balconies and beneath the intense blue sky, is a unique experience.

The Village and The Park at Irvine. A precise and coherent design.

The Village and The Park, Irvine, CA (USA)

The Village and The Park at Irvine in California are examples of high quality urban planning. Two great residential agglomerates including, as well as the residential buildings, a large green space – a place for meeting and ideal for open-air sports events, shows and games.

Chianciano, an ancient town immersed in the tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside.

Chianciano (SI), Italy

Chianciano, an ancient town immersed in the tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside. with its alleyways and panoramic views over the Val d’Orcia, has recently been illuminated with Light 803. The illumination of Medici tower, the buildings and the narrow streets has enriched their charm, transmitting a sense of tranquillity, suspended in time.

The reproduction of the historical lampposts of Piazza Duomo in Acireale.

Acireale (CT), Italy

Piazza Duomo has been refurbished with new paving; the 19th century lampposts have been reproduced for its illumination.

Cesena, shopping centers.

Cesena and Gambettola FC), Italy

The car park of a great commercial space is no longer considered a merely functional area but a qualifying element of the overall project. Hence the care in the choice of the elements for décor and illumination.

The Village, Meridian. Care and harmony … at an ideal level.

The Village, Meridian, Idaho (USA)

Neri collaborated intensely with the designers and the client to illuminate and decorate a highly significant destination: The Village shopping centre at Meridian.

Performing and scenographic lights for the long bridge of Goa.

Panjim, Goa, India

The illumination project for Atal Setu Bridge in Goa envisaged street lighting with Tabit lampposts, Castore swan-neck tops and Light 23, with spectacular lights all around.

A contemporary lantern for the piazza of Gozzano.

Gozzano (NO), Italy

For the central piazza of Gozzano, on Lake Orta, Bianca Tresoldi has conceived a lantern with two dimensions. A minimal, contemporary design but one that is at the same time aligned with the past.

The Mizar collection: diversified solutions for a mall.

Hallandale Beach, FL (USA)

Gulfstream Park is the most important mall in Miami. Neri has illuminated it with the Mizar collection, which offers solutions diversified by height and number of lighting fixtures.

Milano Marittima wears Lang.

Milano Marittima (RA), Italy

In Milano Marittima, the operation was far more than just a substitution of lighting fixtures to save energy. The entire geometry of the project was modified, changing heights and distances. One thousand seven hundred Lang fixtures were used to replace the spheres. The aesthetic properties of Lang conferred a new image on the town.

Pearl Doha. A new island entirely for living.

Perl – Doha, Qatar

The Pearl at Doha in Qatar is a group of 13 artificial islands covering four million m². Thirty-two kilometres of new coast for residential use, with five-star hotels, schools, international shops, restaurants, cafes and free time structures.

Buttigliera Alta: an example of great energy savings in a small municipality.

Buttigliera (TO), Italy

The project has transformed the illumination of all the streets, both in the centre and in the outskirts.

For 40 years, Neri has been collaborating with the Municipality of Venice for the protection of the city’s historical heritage.

Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the few cities that has conserved intact its heritage of cast iron lighting artefacts. Since the 1980s, Neri has been collaborating with the Municipality for the restoration or reproduction of the various typologies characterizing the different zones of the city.

An original line for the piazza of Tolmezzo.

Tolmezzo (UD), Italy

For the illumination of Piazza X Settembre, the heart of the city, lampposts from the Maia collection with bracket 4218 and Light 804 have been chosen, thus creating an unusual solution.

The illumination of theatre buildings.

Europa, Medio Oriente, Centro America

Neri has taken part in projects for the illumination of theatres all over the world. Sometimes it is the internal chandeliers that have been restored, on other occasions it has been the turn of the original lampposts and brackets. In most cases, the interventions have regarded the exterior of the building.

Spoleto. We save the crown but not the sphere.

Spoleto (PG), Italy

The larger part of the city’s lighting has been recently renewed, replacing the old spheres with new LED products. Neri proposed the hemispherical Nova S, above which has been adapted the crown that capped the previously installed spheres.

Dubai City Walk: lines of architecture and light.

Dubai City Walk, UAE

City Walk 2, in Dubai, is an area for elegant shopping, with eating-places and shops overlooking the principal streets. Neri studied various products, aligned with the essential aspects of the buildings, to illuminate this space, all with LED sources.

Matera, the city of the Stones.

Matera, Italy

The Sassi (Stones) of Matera have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993 and Matera was named a European Capital of Culture in 2019. It is at the centre of an extraordinary cultural and architectural renewal that is regaining its role of prestige in the world. Neri has been working for many years to illuminate and embellish it.

A renovation project for Forte dei Marmi.

Forte dei Marmi (LU), Italy

The old aluminium lampposts with two spheres, which had illuminated the streets of Forte dei Marmi since the late 1980s, have been replaced with Heka and Light 22 with LED fixtures. At the same time, the Light 23 lamps, already installed, have been updated with new LED motors, which have enabled the achievement of high quality, homogenous lighting.

Senigallia: the famous Rotonda a Mare

Senigallia (AN), Italy

Senigallia has chosen Hydra to replace the spheres that illuminated the promenade, thus renovating the streets leading to and from the famous Rotonda a Mare [A round pavilion at the end of the pier]. The Hydra system is the maximum expression of the concept of comfort.

New light for Milan.

Milan, Italy

Light Nova has been chosen to illuminate the streets of Milan, replacing the old lighting fixtures suspended over the middle of the roads, as well as those on swan-neck heads, on brackets or beneath the arcades. Milan was illuminated with 8,000 exemplars of Nova in time for Expo 2015.

Lang on the Cervia seafront.

Cervia (RA), Italy

The Cervia seafront has been completely transformed. The old glass spheres have been replaced with Lang.

A prestigious restoration: the balcony of Piazzale Michelangelo in Firenze.

Florence, Italy

Piazzale Michelangelo offers the finest panorama in Florence. The metal balustrade was created by the Royal Foundries of Follonica. Almost 170 years later, Neri’s restoration has regained its original splendour.

Siracusa. New light on the Baroque.

Siracusa, Italy

This city, with its stupendous baroque architecture, has been entirely illuminated with LED. Thousands of old lighting fixtures have been replaced with new generation products.

Station Park, Lifestyle destination.

Station Park, Farmington, Utah, USA

Station Park is the finest commercial centre in the Salt Lake region. It is for mixed use, housing also offices, services, a cinema and even the Faculty of Medicine of the nearby University. Neri has curated the illumination of the entire area.

A customized project worthy of A Thousand and One Nights.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Neri has created 800 lampposts for Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. All casting models were made by hand. The lampposts and lamps were produced in various versions to illuminate the avenues, terraces and walkways.

The attractions of The Grove.

The Grove, Los Angeles, USA

The Grove is in the western zone of Los Angeles. A centre for shopping, it also offers restaurants and entertainment, and is one of the most frequented parts of the city. Around the central fountain, the principal elements of décor are four great Neri kiosks.

The history of the cinema according to Neri.

Rome, Italy

Cinecittà World, just outside Rome, is the first theme park in Italy dedicated to the cinema. Neri has curated all the illumination, creating specific products for each ambient: New York in the ’30s, Ancient Rome, the Far West.

Customized project for Canazei.

Canazei (TN), Italy

Neri has created a customized project for Canazei. The township is illuminated with lampposts designed by the architect Pietro Zulian, surmounted by a top with a stained glass municipal coat of arms and Light 24 lighting fixture.

Medieval Siena and its lights.

Siena, Italy

Siena is the best conserved medieval city in Italy, both for its architecture and for its traditions. It has been the theatre of one of the most significant and extensive restorations made by Neri.

Baku: a city that looks to the future while respecting its history.

Baku, Azerbaigian

The Olympic Stadium is one of the most important works built in Baku and involved the reclamation of an entire area, transforming it into a green oasis. The Matar lamppost, together with large customized lampposts, has been chosen to furnish and illuminate the numerous piers stretching into the Caspian Sea.

A minimal lighting fixture for Breton buildings.

Rennes, France

For over 50 years, the illumination of the old city centre of Rennes has been entrusted to traditional structures with arms. In collaboration with the Municipality, Neri has designed a linear lighting fixture, with LED motor, applicable both to walls and lampposts.

Light Nova, a happy solution in Udine.

Udine, Italy

Ever since the 1970s, the illumination of the old city centre had been entrusted to transparent spheres mounted on brackets. These have been replaced with Light Nova. The result is excellent, aesthetically, functionally and in terms of comfort.

Verona and its great heritage of cast iron lampposts.

Verona, Italy

Verona turned to Neri for the recovery of its heritage of historical cast iron lampposts that were created, at the beginning of the 20th century, to furnish the heart of the old city centre, from Piazza Erbe to Piazza Bra and as far as the Bridge of Castelvecchio sull’Adige.

The upgrading of the promenade in Misano Adriatico.

Misano Adriatico (RN) Italy

As part of an energy upgrading project, the old lights have been replaced with 700 Lang fixtures. These were customized by inserting the blade, which in this case bore the municipal coat-of-arms.

The ancient township of Longiano is renewed.

Longiano (FC), Italy

The illumination of the entire territory of Longiano has been transformed to LED. An extensive and complex development, which included 2,000 points of light, all diversified both by their design and by their lighting technology features.

The amazing Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno.

Livorno, Italy

Constructed in 1925, this is still today one of the city’s most important gathering-places. It is delimited towards the sea by a sinuous balustrade and its black-and-white-tiled paving creates an extraordinary chessboard effect. Neri was commissioned to reproduce the lampposts that illuminated it in the past.

Restoration work at the court of the King of France.

Paris, France

Paris is the home of the Louvre, one of the most famous and most frequently visited museums in the world. For the Place du Louvre, which is also home to the famous pyramid, Neri has reproduced some lampposts and lanterns in bronze located along the Cour Carrée.

Lampposts and bollards for the Rimini campus.

Rimini, Italy

The new Campus of the Rimini division of Bologna University is housed in a former school building, with a large garden. This space has been illuminated using customized Neri lampposts and bollards, with LED sources hidden above a large internal opening.

Lyra in the park and among the buildings of San Donato Milanese.

San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy

The illumination of San Donato has been renewed with more than 1,000 Lyras. Among the great condominiums of the Milan hinterland, the Lyra has replaced the old lighting fixtures, conferring new light and freshness upon an urban landscape with modern lines.

Sperlonga – Ongoing renovation without waste.

Sperlonga (LT), Italy

Over 25 years, Neri has implemented various lighting and urban décor projects for the town of Sperlonga, characterizing the different urban zones with varying typologies.

The Matar tower.

Ponte di Piave (TV), Italy

How to illuminate an important roundabout without recourse to a large number of lampposts? Torre Matar was the solution for the Ponte di Piave project: two oblique lampposts, 13m metres high, with 5 staggered Matars. Innovative aesthetics and excellent lighting technology results.

A great veranda overlooks the Arena di Verona.

Verona (VR), Italy

A single veranda of 1,000 m² unites all the restaurants looking onto Piazza Bra of Verona, that of the Arena. It is the fruit of a collaboration between Franco Zeffirelli and Neri, who have created a structure that is light but aesthetically significant to embellish this important area.

Punta della Dogana in Venice. The original, imposing lamppost/lighthouse has been restored to its original position.

Venice (VE), Italy

A lamppost weighing 1,650 kg, 6.5 m high and surmounted by a 180-cm lantern, it was installed to be clearly visible in the misty lagoon. Produced in the mid-19th century by the Hasselquis foundry of Venice, presumably in a single exemplar, it has been restored by Neri Spa, which also studied the optimal solution for the illumination of the lantern, of large dimensions and of rare elegance.

A major project to retrieve the historical buildings of the Old Port of Trieste.

Trieste (TS), Italy

The transformation of the Old Port is considered one of the most important ongoing projects in Italy. For the renovation and regeneration, for new purposes, of the entire complex, Neri has created a lamppost similar to that which originally illuminated the Port.

The great lampposts return to the Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste.

Trieste (TS), Italy

Eight great lampposts in cast iron, with elaborate five-light swan-neck heads, had been created for Piazza Unità d’Italia, in Trieste. They had for long languished in a storeroom, and were recovered by Neri on the occasion of the restoration of the Piazza.

Tresigallo recovers its alienating, metaphysical dimension.

Tresigallo (FE), Italy

The lampposts conceived for the city, which was completely reconstructed in the 1930s, were subsequently removed. Neri has restored those that had survived. Truly unique lampposts for their Art Deco connotations. We also reproduced the brackets according to the original design.

Simi Valley – Squares and streets of a commercial structure.

Simi Valley Town Center, CA (USA)

Simi Valley Town Centre in California is a commercial centre structured with a central pedestrian street onto which open the various shops and three different squares. The Kuma collection, both swan-neck and single-luminaire with Light 600, was chosen to illuminate the central street and the squares, while Sheliak brackets were installed on the buildings.

In Rome, a unique architectural recovery of its kind.

Villa Torlonia, Rome (Italy)

The Moorish Conservatory of Villa Torlonia in Roma, a 19th century masterpiece by the architect Giuseppe Jappelli, has regained its splendour following the restoration by Neri of the great windows and doors in cast iron. The structure of the Conservatory is one of the few examples of iron architecture in Italy.

Lampposts characterized by the coats-of-arms of the mountain cities.

Alpi (Italy)

The swan-neck tops mounted on the Neri lampposts have been enriched with the cities’ coat-of-arms, figures of various kinds silhouetted on metal and applied to the swan-neck. This is a customization that lends character to the product.

Nebula was chosen to illuminate the new establishment of Tenimenti Civa.

Bellazoia di Povoletto, UD (Italy)

For the illumination and external décor of the new establishment, Nebula has been chosen. A new, innovative product for a place in which top quality wine is produced.

The renewed Place Masséna in Nice.

Nice, France

In Nice, Bruno Fortier has designed the new layout of Place Masséna. His restoration of the tram posts has revolutionized the urban road system. Neri has reproduced 44 unusually shaped lampposts in steel and cast iron, created in the 1930s.

In France, a new zone is host to Light Nova.

Montpellier, France

Passage Clemenceau, in Montpellier, is at the centre of an innovative residential project that aims to create a “village in the heart of the city”, reducing the scales of movement and implementing the concept of a street-garden. Light Nova string lighting has been chosen to illuminate the streets of the new complex.

Monopoli: the city with a hundred “contrade”.

Monopoli (BA), Italy

The old city centre of Monopoli is of early medieval origin and overlooks the sea. “Contrada” is the medieval term for a city quarter. The old handmade lanterns, installed in the 1980s, have been replaced with Light 804, to ensure better results in terms of lighting technology and substantial energy savings.

Griffin Ranch, nature and relax.

La Quinta, CA (USA)

Griffin Ranch is a charming residence at La Quinta in California. The central square of the residence, which gives access to the great swimming pool, has been illuminated with Maia lampposts, Light 31 lighting fixtures and Light 804.

Town Square (Dubai) is a new city project.

Dubai (UAE)

Town Square is a great project in Dubai. 25 minutes from the centre, it consists of 3,000 terraced villas, a large central public space, 500 retail sales points and 154,000 m² of parkland. Electra has been chosen to illuminate this new city.

Chiavari (2nd restoration). After the lampposts in Piazza Mazzini, also those in Piazza Matteotti have been restored.

Chiavari (GE), Italy

There are 12 poles with two arms, cast by the Pignone Foundry in 1932, which have been restored and returned as new to furnish and illuminate the square with Light Nova.

The lanterns of Lavagna acquire new light.

Lavagna (GE), Italy

The illumination of the town has just been renewed, transforming the Neri lanterns installed several years ago with LED sources and mounting Light Nova on the large lampposts of Piazza della Libertà and on the seafront.

Refitting in the seaside town of Bogliasco

Bogliasco (GE), Italy

Refitting in the seaside town of Bogliasco. The lanterns, which have illuminated the town for decades, have been converted to LED. This new light lends additional fascination by night to this charming town.

New Olbia seafront illuminated by Altair collection

Olbia (SS), Italia

Olbia (Sardegna), has renewed its seafront with new paving, cycle lanes, spaces with gymnastic equipment and a long wooden bench. A prominent place has been given to the illumination with the Altair System, which has helped to define the character of the townscape.

The lampposts of Chara System illuminate the new Promenade of Ostas Street in Ventspils

Ventspils, LV

The renovated Promenade of Ostas Street in Ventpils is opened to visitors with a wide view of the river Venta, the sea gate, the old workshops of the port, an impressive collection of buoys and the exhibited pilot ship "Rota".

Palermo’s cast iron legacy restoration

Palermo, Italy

We restored and reproduced for the city of Palermo several cast iron lamp posts that contribute to make their surroundings unique.

Neri illuminates and furnishes the most prestigious hotels in the world


Numerous hotels have been illuminated and furnished by Neri. These places, outstanding for their luxury and refinement, are enhanced by Neri’s high quality products. Lampposts, chandeliers, bandstands, verandas, but also tables and railings in cast iron, become distinguishing elements of environments designed to be unique.

A scenography of light and colours

Dubai Water Canal, UAE

With the Dubai Water Canal, the city implemented a grandiose urban transformation, giving birth to a vast public space. Neri has provided a hi-tech lamppost that not only illuminates the pedestrian route but, reflecting on the water, creates a unique scenic backdrop.

A new bollard for Chicago Riverline

Riverline, Chicago, Usa

The bollard from the Pictor collection is made of weathering steel which is particularly resistant to ice, snow, water and salt – natural elements that are found in Chicago.

The big ‘R’ of Adolfo Busi lights the new ‘Parco del Mare’ in Rimini

Rimini (RN), Italia

The big ‘R’ echoing the famous graphics of Adolfo Busi lights up the new ‘Parco del Mare’. The lamp post we’ve manufactured is ten meters high and draws the letter ‘R' of Rimini, recalling the style of the famous Bolognese artist, who – in 1929 – signed one of the most famous bathing resort posters created to promote the city.

A lamp for Chelsea Barracks, the most sought-after area of London

Chelsea Barracks, Londra, Regno Unito

The illumination is the fruit of a design by Nulty+ and Maynard who, in collaboration with Neri, designed an aluminium lamppost with an elegantly shaped lamp in contemporary style, the realization of which was entrusted to Neri Spa. A product that revisits the heritage aesthetic of the lamp in a contemporary key.

Neri’s contribution to the UNESCO World Heritage cities in Italy


55 places in Italy have been declared World Heritage Sites. Many have conserved interesting testimonies to the history of their illumination and urban décor. Neri has contributed to the recovery and enhancement of a large part of this cultural inheritance. For the most part, these were specific interventions, specially studied in order to conserve the unique nature of these places.

The Royal Gardens of Venice are reborn with lampposts and the pergola

Venezia, Italy

With an ambitious project, Venice Gardens Foundation has restored the extraordinary Royal Gardens, which had been in a state of abandonment until the beginning of 2020. The restoration work also included recovery of all the structures and lampposts in cast iron. The restoration of these elements was entrusted to Neri.

Refitting for the entire town at Cividale del Friuli

Cividale del Friuli (UD), Italy

Cividale del Friuli has recently been the subject of an important energy upgrading development. The change to LED sources has required a general refitting of all its lighting fixtures. Light 803 has replaced the artisan-made lamps and globes installed during the previous decades.

A 1930s lakeside promenade

Stresa (VB), Italy

The 50 lampposts date back to 1930 and are decorated with leaves and capitals in wrought iron. Neri has restored them and their splendour adorns the delightful promenade.

Custom contemporary lamp post for Bluewaters, new Dubai lifestyle destination

Dubai, UAE

Bluewaters lighting design project has been awarded – by Light Middle East Awards 2019 – Project of the year in the category 'Public Realm and Landscape Lighting'. Part of the winning scheme are our custom wooden cladded lamp posts.

Amalfi coast: lit by our luminaires since 1973

Costa Amalfitana, Italy

Since 1973, we have been a key player in lighting this coastal stretch and we are present in all the villages overlooking the sea.

We ascend to the majestic temple with Neri

Hyderabad, India

An imposing complex: a great terrace on a hill with several temples located at the cardinal points. All the buildings were created in stone and sculpted in loco by skilled craftsmen.

The restoration of the majestic lampposts of Piazza della Cattedrale, Enna

Enna (EN), Italia

Meticulous restoration work has successfully restored four typically Sicilian 19th century cast iron lampposts, illuminating the entrance of Enna Cathedral, to their original splendour.

Goa has chosen our lamp posts to light up its busy night life

Goa, India

Goa has chosen mainly contemporary style lamp post, however for its historical sites – like temples – our Heritage range has been preferred.

Urban illumination: Genzano converts to LED

Genzano (RM), Italia

Light Nova has been chosen for Genzano urban lighting project of conversion to LED, installed on our custom poles supplied in the 90s.

A classical design for a colonial-style city

Puducherry, India

Puducherry, on the gulf of Bengal, preserves its colonial-style architecture with care. Custom-made lampposts in cast iron with 851 LED lamps were chosen to illuminate the city centre.

Palermo’s cast iron legacy restoration

Palermo, Italy

We restored and reproduced for the city of Palermo several cast iron lamp posts that contribute to make their surroundings unique.

Our tallest lamp posts light Chhatrapati Shivaji Station in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

Our tallest lamp posts were chosen to illuminate Chhatrapati Shivaji Station with its large square.

We illuminated the Gateway of India

Mumbai, India

The lanterns on top of the original two arms lamp posts lighting the square in front of the Gateway of India in Mumbai have been replaced with our Light 21.

A revamped Belvedere and new lighting for San Nicola Arcella

San Nicola Arcella (CS), Italia

A series of thoroughly curated interventions of urban requalification, including lighting, transforms a little village on the Cedars Riviera.

The old lampposts of Saint Patrick’s Bridge

Cork, Irlanda

Saint Patrick’s Bridge in Cork is one of the symbols of the city and an excellent viewpoint. Six lampposts installed during the 19th century had survived the ravages of time and Neri was requested to restore them.

The elegance and enchantment of the imperial age

Hvar, Croatia

The most prestigious hotel in Hvar is Palace Elisabeth. Neri has helped to enrich this stupendous building with two great pavilions, which have been mounted on the terrace, where the guests have lunch and dinner.

Lighting Aerocity, the hospitality district of New Delhi

Aerocity, Nuova Deli, India

A unique night time identity helps Aerocity to present itself as a hospitality destination in New Delhi.

Light for restoration: Alya illuminates a 1500 Convent

Campagna (SA), Italy

A long and accurate restoration project has brought back the the convent of San Martino original beauty. To light the external areas, Alya collection – characterised by an LED luminaire inspired by lanterns’ design – has been chosen.