A scenography of light and colours

With the Dubai Water Canal, the city implemented a grandiose urban transformation, giving birth to a vast public space. Neri has provided a hi-tech lamppost that not only illuminates the pedestrian route but, reflecting on the water, creates a unique scenic backdrop.


Dubai Water Canal, UAE




RTA – Meydan


Christos Papachristos, CPLD; AE7


Antonio Neri

The Water Canal has a long promenade along both its sides. The light studied by Neri illuminates these, combining effectiveness with scenography. The lampposts are equipped with four light sources. A mark-up at the top of the post allows linear reflection on the water; a performing bracket light illuminates the pedestrian walkway; a luminous area on the upper part of the lamppost lights the façades of the buildings and a long luminous area on the canal side extends for the entire height of the post. The lampposts are also provided with video cameras, a small table with a socket for telephone recharging and a Wi-Fi connection system enabling coverage of the entire area.

The project also includes several pedestrian bridges which permit crossing of the canal at key points and the enjoyment of breathtaking panoramas. The alternating colours reflecting on the water create an effect of continuous movement.

The nocturnal display, remote controlled, is animated with the alternation of red, green, yellow, blue, white, violet and sky-blue colours.

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