The big ‘R’ of Adolfo Busi lights the new ‘Parco del Mare’ in Rimini

The big ‘R’ echoing the famous graphics of Adolfo Busi lights up the new ‘Parco del Mare’. The lamp post we’ve manufactured is ten meters high and draws the letter ‘R' of Rimini, recalling the style of the famous Bolognese artist, who – in 1929 – signed one of the most famous bathing resort posters created to promote the city.


Rimini (RN), Italy




Municipalities of Rimini


Miralles Tagliabue EMBT


Antonio Neri

The project, born from the idea of strongly characterising the identity of Rimini’s seafront public space, have been developed according with design directions given by Barcelona architectural practice Miralles Tagliabue, that defined public and private interventions’ guidelines.

On top of light intensity dimming, every single lamp post is also equipped with 360º CCTV camera and Wi-Fi.

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