Neri products (Generic)
Use and maintenance of Neri Products 18/03/2019

Intended use  
The product has been manufactured in compliance with correct practice. Its duration and efficiency will be greater if used correctly and with regular maintenance operations. The product must be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was designed. Any other use is considered inappropriate and potentially dangerous and the manufacturer will not be liable for damages stemming from inappropriate use.

Maintenance operations must be carried out by suitably trained expert personnel, with the use of appropriate personal protective equipment.

Neri products are designed to guarantee reliability, endurance and safety.

The paint applied by Neri to its products is formed of an organic coating that must be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to guarantee its decorative and protective properties.

The normal maintenance of Neri products may be carried out with an appropriate cleaning product, followed by rinsing with clean water using a soft cloth.

If the coating is very dirty (e.g. due to lack of maintenance), it is recommended to consult a specialist company.

Recommended cleaning products
Before carrying out any kind of cleaning, it is necessary to consult the data sheet of the detergent.

Normal maintenance may be carried out using water with a neutral detergent (pH 5-8).

If air pollution has caused a lot of build-up on the coating, there may be stains or marks that require the use of more aggressive household products, such as alcohol-based products, turpentine, white spirit or bleach (diluted to 5%). In this case, it is necessary to rinse the coating immediately after using the cleaning product. Abrasive detergents, varnishes and other detergents containing ketones and other detergents that may cause irreparable damage to the product must never be used.

The following table shows how often cleaning must be carried out:


Frequency of cleaning


Urban industrial

Moderate SO2 levels in coastal area with low salinity

12 months


Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity and SO2 levels > 30 mg / m3

6 months


Industrial areas with humid and aggressive atmospheres, with SO2 > 30 mg/m3

Coastal and off-shore areas less than one km from the coast with high UV, high humidity and salt > 12 mg per litre of rainwater

3 months

To repair surface scratches, contact Neri, who will provide the necessary and appropriate operating instructions.

General requirements applicable to all Neri products in any material
Upon receipt of the item, if it is not possible to position it within a few days in the site of installation and/or mounting, all plastic (nylon) packaging material must be removed to allow ventilation and prevent the formation of condensation, which could cause irreparable damage to the products.

Exemption from liability
Neri is not liable for any damages to people or objects, including Neri products, due to cleaning and/or maintenance operations not carried out in accordance with the instructions provided by Neri or in any case in an incorrect and/or inappropriate manner in consideration of the nature of the product.