Use and maintenance

Neri SpA is constantly committed to research and design for products of high quality, durability and safety. This manual aims to present correct installation procedures for light fixtures as a guide for professional installers. To this end the manual should be read with extreme attention.

Adhesive warning and indication labels are affixed to the luminaire and the installer must adhere strictly to the indications given therein. These may highlight characteristics or other indications of particular importance.

The correct orientation is achieved by positioning the lighting fixture following the instructions inside the product.

Safety precautions
A variety of rules must be followed in workplaces, depending on the legislation applicable in different countries of Europe and elsewhere. The aim of the safety precautions illustrated here is not to replace or modify this applicable legislation, but solely to emphasize or reinforce it. These safety precautions are intended for professional installers, who must carefully read and understand this installation manual.

WARNING! Failure to observe the prescriptions given in this manual will increase the risk of accidents. Before carrying out any operations whatsoever installers must put on: safety helmets, work gloves, safety footwear and suitable working clothes.

Intended use
The light fixture has been manufactured in compliance with correct practice. Its duration and efficiency will be greater if used correctly and with regular maintenance operations. This light fixture must be installed only for the use for which it was designed, namely for the illumination of outdoor and indoor spaces. Any other use must be considered to be improper and dangerous, and the manufacturer cannot be held liable for any damage caused by improper and unreasonable use.

Maintenance operations must be carried out by expert personnel only. These operations involve:
• Cleaning the safety shield and external structure to remove any material which could negatively affect performance: (with the appliance closed) use only clean water and a sponge (do not use high-pressure water jets or other cleaning products).
• Checking that the appliance is securely fastened to the support (once a year).

During annual inspection operations, check the painted surfaces for signs of damage such as blistering or cracking. Should any such damage be found, intervene immediately to restore the paintwork. Contact Neri SpA for indications and materials to be used for retouching the paintwork.

WARNING! Disconnect the light fi xture from the power supply system.

Spare parts
The replacement of damaged parts with original spares must be carried out exclusively by expert personnel authorized by Neri SpA Please contact Neri SpA directly for maintenance needs.

WARNING! The LED light source must be replaced only by the manufacturer or his customer service or by equally qualified.

This product is marked according to the European directive 2002/96/EC; 2003/108/EC (WEEE). The symbol on the product, or on the documents, indicates that this appliance may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Make sure that this product is disposed in corrected way, the customer contributes to prevent the negative potential consequences for the environment and the health.The illicit disposal or inadequate involves economic and/or administrative sanctions, established according to the law. For information about the centers of collection and the corrected disposal of the product, contact the local authority.