Same luminaires, extremely efficient lighting, better performance and savings, longer product life; this is the philosophy behind our Refitting Kit, designed to update existing lanterns and luminaires to new LED technology without the need for expensive replacement operations. Available in static white and tunable white Kruithof version.

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Configure RNC21

Specific kits have been developed taking into account all of the aspects that can guarantee good operation and durability, including LED module protection against overheating and guaranteed reliability of the highest level.

Made of die-cast aluminium, they can be equipped with extra clear transparent or prismatic flat glass. With a luminous flux up to 7,500lm, enclosure protection grade is IP66 and IK09.

The RNC21 range is enriched with tunable white technology. The light modulation is based on what is described by the Kruithof curve where color temperature and luminous flux vary in a correlated way to ensure the highest levels of visual comfort.

Luminaire main features

  • Modular (2X2) refractive lenses in PMMA
  • LED current <400mA
  • Optical package consists of eight lighting distributions
  • Electrical insulation: Class II, Class I
  • Enclosure protection: IP66, IK09
  • Standard surge protection for differential/common mode 10kV/10kV (CL I, CL II)

Static white version

  • Luminous flux up to 7,500lm
  • Colour temperature: 3,000K and 4,000K (2,200K and 2,700K on demand)

Tunable white version

  • Luminous flux up to 4,500lm
  • Colour temperature: from 2,200K to 4,000K

Configure RNC21