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Nebula for Plaza Coral Gables, Miami (USA)

Miami, USA

Plaza Coral Gables is a major project in Miami that will have a strong impact on the quality of life in the community. New spaces will be created for restaurants, recreation and the promotion of artistic activities with a five-star Loews Hotel, residential lofts, apartments and a public square. Nebula has been chosen for the lighting: top quality design for a high profile project.

The brackets of Lima: the fascinating story of their reproduction

Genzano (RM), Italia

Like all South American capitals, Lima has a rich history, similar to that of Europe, of urban lighting created with elements in cast iron. Concern for its history gave rise to the project, recently completed, to reproduce the original large cast iron brackets that had illuminated the old city centre in the past.

The new illumination of the avenue of Palazzo Ducale in Reggio Emilia.

Reggio Emilia (RE), Italia

Reggio Emilia rose at the wish of the Roman Consul Marco Emilio Lepido along Via Emilia, the ancient Roman road linking Piacenza and Rimini. It can boast the name “City of the Tricolour”, since the Italian flag was shown for the first time in this city on 7th January 1797.

The illumination of the port and walls of Alghero

Alghero (SS), Italy

A double row of Sheliak lampposts with Light 804 lanterns illuminates the dockside of the port of Alghero. A scenic backdrop is provided by the old walls of the city.

Spectrum Center, Irvine. Illumination that furnishes.

Spectrum Center Irvine, CA (USA)

The Spectrum commercial centre at Irvine, California, was inaugurated at the end of the last century and has been gradually expanding since 2018. Its plan reproduces a small European city. For its illumination, lampposts were used from the Kuma and Tabit collections with Light 500 and Light 600.

Milan (Monumental Cemetery). In the shade of cypresses and behind the tombs ….

Milan, Italy

The Cimitero Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery) of Milan is considered, a great open-air museum. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new underground station, the square in front of the cemetery was renovated. The Tabit lamppost with Light 804 was chosen for the illumination.

Lusail, Doha. A city under construction.

Lusail, Doha (Qatar)

Fifteen km from Doha, capital of Qatar, Lusail is rising, a new city of 35 km² which will host the 2022 World Football Cup. The lighting project has already been realized, with the building sites of the new skyscrapers still open.

Locorotondo. A magical atmosphere.

Locorotondo (BA),Italy

Walking along the narrow streets of the old town, among the perfectly conserved white houses, with coloured flowers on their balconies and beneath the intense blue sky, is a unique experience.

The Village and The Park at Irvine. A precise and coherent design.

The Village and The Park, Irvine, CA (USA)

The Village and The Park at Irvine in California are examples of high quality urban planning. Two great residential agglomerates including, as well as the residential buildings, a large green space – a place for meeting and ideal for open-air sports events, shows and games.