Light for restoration:
Alya illuminates a 1500 convent

Campagna (SA), Italy

A long and accurate restoration project has brought back the the convent of San Martino original beauty. To light the external areas, Alya collection – characterised by an LED luminaire inspired by lanterns’ design – has been chosen.

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The illumination of the port and walls of Alghero

Alghero (SS), Italy

A double row of Sheliak lampposts with Light 804 lanterns illuminates the dockside of the port of Alghero. A scenic backdrop is provided by the old walls of the city.

Nebula was chosen to illuminate the new establishment of Tenimenti Civa.

Bellazoia di Povoletto, UD (Italy)

For the illumination and external décor of the new establishment, Nebula has been chosen. A new, innovative product for a place in which top quality wine is produced.

New Olbia seafront illuminated by Altair collection

Olbia (SS), Italia

Olbia (Sardegna), has renewed its seafront with new paving, cycle lanes, spaces with gymnastic equipment and a long wooden bench. A prominent place has been given to the illumination with the Altair System, which has helped to define the character of the townscape.

The lampposts of Chara System illuminate the new Promenade of Ostas Street in Venspil

Ventspils, Lettonia

The renovated Promenade of Ostas Street in Venspils is opened to visitors with a wide view of the river Venta, the sea gate, the old workshops of the port, an impressive collection of buoys and the exhibited pilot ship "Rota".

Palermo’s cast iron legacy restoration

Palermo, Italy

We restored and reproduced for the city of Palermo several cast iron lamp posts that contribute to make their surroundings unique.

Neri illuminates and furnishes the most prestigious hotels in the world


Numerous hotels have been illuminated and furnished by Neri. These places, outstanding for their luxury and refinement, are enhanced by Neri’s high quality products. Lampposts, chandeliers, bandstands, verandas, but also tables and railings in cast iron, become distinguishing elements of environments designed to be unique.

A scenography of light and colours

Dubai Water Canal, UAE

With the Dubai Water Canal, the city implemented a grandiose urban transformation, giving birth to a vast public space. Neri has provided a hi-tech lamppost that not only illuminates the pedestrian route but, reflecting on the water, creates a unique scenic backdrop.

A new bollard for Chicago Riverline

Riverline, Chicago, Usa

The bollard from the Pictor collection is made of weathering steel which is particularly resistant to ice, snow, water and salt – natural elements that are found in Chicago.

The big ‘R’ of Adolfo Busi lights the new ‘Parco del Mare’ in Rimini

Rimini (RN), Italia

The big ‘R’ echoing the famous graphics of Adolfo Busi lights up the new ‘Parco del Mare’. The lamp post we’ve manufactured is ten meters high and draws the letter ‘R' of Rimini, recalling the style of the famous Bolognese artist, who – in 1929 – signed one of the most famous bathing resort posters created to promote the city.